Every corporation and company—no matter their business—share three facts:

1) they have employees who have children;

2) they have community responsibilities; and

3) they must hire the very best personnel possible.

All three are directly related to your support of our initiative to reduce school violence. To learn more about the benefits of joining the NSV Consortium of Care or to make an appointment for a presentation, please contact Dr. Ben Meredith at or 1 2063193578

Here’s why joining the NoSchoolViolence Consortium makes real sense.


Employees with children

Two-thirds of 125 million American workers school-aged children. A Pew Center report states that the majority of parents and children are worried about school violence. Companies who care about their employees should take these concerns seriously by doing more than just being concerned. Joining the NSV Consortium help alleviate your employees fears. They will know you invested in a free app—the Lantern— that in real time allows your employees to understand what their child’s behaviors mean and then to share those results with teachers, counsellors or principals. And if a teacher uses the Lantern to assess the likelihood of her student’s behaviors turning violent, your employee will be notified instantly. The Lantern is a behavior insight and mental health intervention tool. Joining the consortium funds a team of data and social scientists and school liaison, public relations, donor and research and development staff. Working together they will be helping millions of parents and schools get a heads up on violence before it escalates. An employee with a good sense of their child’s safety is thankful colleague.


Community Responsibilities

Your company exists in a community. Your community has schools and schools need all the help they can get to protect children from school violence. There have been 800,00 to 2.7 million reports of non-fatal school violence Joining the consortium tells your communities your company cares about their quality of life. We help you make sure your communities know that you support school safety in the smartest and caring ways.


Hiring the best

School children will eventually become your employees. Their academic success has everything to do with your success. School children who live in a state of constant fear are not able to learn with the kind of psychological or emotional freedom needed to excel. Innovation and creativity drive every business. Becoming a consortium member helps to insure that your future employees will provide you with the very best thing they can offer—knowledge capital. Helping children learn in a world free from fear means they are free to be valuable.

To learn more about the benefits of joining the NoSchoolViolence Consortium of Care, please contact Dr. Ben Meredith at or 1 2063193578