We have big dreams. We imagine school children free from fear.

We imagine schools with little or no violence.

We imagine you being part of OUR dreams.

Join us. Do something GOOD that CHANGES THE WORLD

Our children's psychological, emotional and physical well-being factors into the success and value of their  education, Their well-being isn't only about them. Their health and readiness to learn play a critical role in the American future. No one truly knows the impact violence has on our children today and tomorrow. The billions of dollars being spent on reducing school violences has not no measurable impact on the annual 2-to-3 million reported cases of school violence. Although needed, more locks and metal detectors do not reduce school violence. They are a defensive strategy dealing with school violence after it occurs. And sadly there is little support to discover and use proactive methods that keep our children safe and secure. An epidemic requires finding its source and not only treating its symptoms. Make no mistake about it, 10 thousand cases of school violence each day in America is an epidemic. 

Donate and Help Reduce School Violence

We are all about a different proactive strategy at NoSchoolViolence.org.  We treat school violence as an epidemic and human rights problem. We are the only national organization that combines scientific research and the latest data technologies to reveal the nature, causes, spread, and potential control of school violence. Our approach is similar to how the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and companies like Amazon, American Express, General Electric, IBM, Netflix and Apple use the latest data analytic tools to learn more about their clients. 

We want to empower parents, educators and mental health providers with ways of reducing school violence. Our award-winning Lantern® is a free, web-app search tool that provides users new ways of understanding how changes in a child’s behaviors connects to statistically meaningful kinds of violence.

Your support pays for research, for new data tools, media and outreach service staff and equipment. You donation makes you a member of our national community. We will stay in contact with you. We will insure that your support is recognized by the schools in your community. Your donations also keeps you informed about major health, research and academic success issues in the form of a monthly newsletter. The more you know, the safer your children. We are a donation driven effort because no public organization currently funds any proactive approach to reducing school violence. We need parents, educator, professionals, and companies and foundations to invest in our work. We will work as hard as we can to keep our children safe.

Families spend $150.00 for school Supplies annually.

How much do they spend on Their Children's safety?

time to make a small investment turn INTO a real profit.

Founder-Paul Privateer-interviewed before NoSchoolViolence receives Elastic Humanitarian Award, San Francisco, 2017.


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We want parents across America to join us in a dialogue about how The Lantern could be improved for them. We are continually updating the app and, as time proceeds, we will add other functions that will make it even more effective and valuable. If you want to join our SOS program (Save Our Schools) please contact us. 

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