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Millions of children are involved in violence yearly. Children, parents, teachers and schools feel powerless. Current safety approaches are not ineffective. It's time for new solutions that combine data analytics, parent-school communications software, new research and the best intervention programs. Our children deserve something in addition to more locks and cops. 


Why We Need a New Approach to School Violence


U.S. Secret Service Report

School violence is caused by a series of progressive "call for help" behaviors reflecting a child's feeling of alienation, of being victimized or suffering a deep loss. Their inability to cope with these difficulties and make healthy connections creates violence.  Despite what this 2002 report, little has been done to reduce school violence before it escalates.

NoSchoolviolence is developing the Lantern Platform that connects the dots of violence never seen before and then provides solution strategies to reduce school violence. Although the Lantern uses data tools that Amazon, Netflix, IBM, and FedEx use to understand their customers behaviors, it allows parents, teachers, and school staff to focus together on a child's behavior so they can see how a child's behaviors signal his or her potential violence. 

The free, web-app Lantern Platform also provides a youth behavior dictionary, a behavorial-violence search engine, immediate access to effective intervention programs, and creates automatic communication between parents, teachers, and school staff so everyone is aware that a child needs help. Preventing violence is better than defending an entire school from it.

Microsoft, Google, Elastic and other organizations are helping us with our technical needs. Your support is important because we need full time researchers to gather data, data tool managers and administrative staff so that the The Lantern can be given free to every parent and school--available on all devices--by the end of 2018. Your donation will begin to keep our children's classroom's free from trauma and fear.  Please donate and become a member of community.


the power of big data to helping to keep all our children safe at school



Why We Are Committed to Reducing Youth and School Violence is exploring new ways of insuring parents and schools can respond to violence before it happens. Our nonprofit treats youth and school violence as a public health problem. We need help to mine vast amounts of data to discover adolescent behavioral patterns  that trigger school violence and we are encouraging the tech industry, foundations, educational organizations and academic collaborators to join together to solve the epidemic of school violence. Thank you for helping us to help millions of children, parents and school staff.