There are only two ways of responding to school violence: reactive or proactive, more of the same or new strategies. Although the two should ideally work together, the fact is that far more money—2.7 billon dollars annually—is spent on reacting to school attacks than on preventing them. The status quo is not working. Even though it is imperative to protect schoolchildren with armed guards, surveillance equipment, and high tech locks, it is equally imperative that a new policy, based on proactive processes, should promote the creation of a major national initiative focused reducing school violence. is focused entirely on developing tools that parents, school staff, law enforcement, departments of education, and academic researchers can use to better

•  understand how a child’s evolving behaviors signal the onset of certain forms of violence; and

• connect their concerns with each other and intervene to meet a child’s emotional needs. seeks interested research volunteers, data engineers/scientists in all flavors, allied organizations and corporate parents to join us in reducing school by integrating academic-scientific work, technology, processes and policies that shape a holistic approach to a significantly increasing social public health problem.