Why Did We Start NoSchoolViolence? 


Who we are

NoSchoolViolence.org is a volunteer, federal 501 (c) (3) non-profit, community of students, parents, mental health therapists, social science  researchers, database specialists, bloggers, business owners, film makers,  media reporters, and education policy analysts.

We help children attend their schools free from fear, threats, or put downs. We are creating safer schools with a proactive approach. Research indicates there are clear signs preceding all forms of school violence.  We'll never discover those signs if we continue to think children can only be helpless victims of violence. Schools can respond to violence because it happens.

We treat school violence as a public health problem. Our approach provides two advantages to the current "reactive" strategy:  we're using big data to discover behavioral patterns of that trigger school violence; and we research funding sources to make our goals more achievable. 

                             Our Seattle Team

                             Our Seattle Team

Founding Director

Dr. Paul Privateer is a Seattle based parent, educator, writer, novelist, and data analyst who founded NoSchoolViolence.org in 2016. Paul's commitment to reducing school violence began with the suicide deaths of two of his Arizona State students. Paul created NoSchoolViolence.org to combine his twenty-years experience in education with his experiences in data science to 1) develop better insight tools that provide new understandings of how specific behavioral patterns and specific types of violence are connection and to 2) use those connections to help educators and parents to use new invention practices to reduce violence.