What We Do

Our research staff combines behavioral research and data science applications in the same way the Center for Disease Control, the Social Security Administration, the FDA, the Institute of Health, and many corporations do.

We then translate biological, criminal, social, cultural, psychological, gender, and behavioral research datasets into new and actionable insights with The Lantern, a web app parents, educators, and the mental health community will use to get an early warning about how a student might become violent.  Click the video to see how the Lantern works and how parents, teachers, school staff and education researchers will use it.

Research Plan

Four questions drive our research initiative and building of The Lantern:

1)     Why do certain children or young adults become violent?

2)     How do they learn to become violent?

3)     What data tools provide the best insights into common behavioral patterns that violent children or young adults share?

4)     How can these insights help shape community and clinical practices that reduce school violence? 

Our interdisciplinary research teams compile, analyze and upload school violence information using epidemiological methods, network theory, psychological and sociological methods, criminology theories, semiotic analytic methods and communication/media analytic methods. 

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