Our volunteers are as active as time allows, helping in their own way to  make America's schools  more secure. We ask you to  join what should be every American's priority. 

If you already have or want experience in these areas, please contact us--

• researchers, 

•teachers and educational professionals,

• social media marketing specialists, 

• mental health professionals, 

• database specialists, 

• social activists, 

• administrative staff, 

• fundraisers / grant writers, 

• public relations professionals, 

• documentary film makers, 

• web specialists, 

• community organizers, 

• project managers, and

•  interns interested in adding to their work experience

We also want to partner with groups or organizations involved with adolescent and school violence, as well becoming a clearing house for networking opportunities. Organizations are encourage to contact us at 800.215.0145. NoSchoolViolence.org will be sponsoring a future national conference dealing with new, proactive approaches to reducing school violence.