Why Your Support Is Critical


1) 757,000, 000 police reported incidences of school violence in 2016 (source CDC).

2) 34% of students reported being in fights, being bullied, injured by a weapon or carrying a weapon to school (source CDC).

3) There are no current federal or state initiatives focused on a proactive approach to reducing school violence. Budgets are spent on responding to student violence, with less than 10% funding earmarked for preventing it (source NBES).

It's Time to Change The Facts

Supporting NoSchoolViolence.org is easy. You and your friends and family can

1) become involved in our SOS (Secure Our Schools) program or

2)  be contributors to our crowdfunding initiatives or fund-raising events.

What Your Support Does

Your support will help start a new era in American education, placing a new emphasis on the proactive reduction of school violence. 

Your support helps us enhance our award winning The Lantern®, an app that parents, educators, health professionals, researchers and concerned citizens can load onto their computers, tablets or phones and learn how certain student behaviors lead to various kinds of violence. To further develop The Lantern® we need to hire researchers, data scientists, a marketing/PR team, volunteer/alliance coordinators, a blog staff, policy advocates, and an administrative staff.

Be A SOS (Secure Our Schools) Supporter

The SOS Program is a national donor community of parents, educators, health professionals, researchers and concerned citizens committed to enhancing school safety. 

We invite you to join with other SOS supporters across the U.S. who, beyond being donors, want to be engaged. Here are the part-time volunteer options you have: 

•  community grass roots SOS organizer

• marketing and public relations staff

• education, social science, and security  researchers

• grant researchers and writers

• volunteer services

• school coordinators and

• data science specialists 

Membership Benefits

As a donor you will receive:

• a monthly subscription to our The SOS Newsletter, a resource of researched-based information that provides parents and educators about the social, medical, health, dietary, educational and psychological well being of school-aged children. The SOS Newsletter provides positive tips about making sound decisions about raising children and giving them the best opportunities to be academically and socially successful.

Our SOS Newsletter staff reviews the latest research to clarify the often conflicting and superficial information about child raising presented by the popular media. Our staff translates the leading edge work of top researchers into practical parenting ideas;

• free access to bi-monthly child raising and education focused webinars addressing a far range of child care topics and school security issues;

• a free videoconferencing account for donors who live within shared school boundaries for the purpose of meeting to  discuss school safety issues with other parents, teachers, and school official; and

• discounts at supportive stores carrying school materials and clothes.


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