We do one thing. 

We reduce school violence the smart way.

           A Way NO ONE ELSE IS DOING. is committed to reducing school violence in America. We believe school violence is an epidemic. That it is a  public health problem.

Our non-profit will provide teachers, counsellors, therapists, parents, students, authorities, communities, and education policy analysts with tools and ideas that can decrease bullying, fighting, drug use, sexual harassment, vandalism, gang activities, stealing, and weapons use. Our research will also help schools design and implement proactive intervention programs shared with thousands of other schools in our network. 

We are the only national initiative to combine behavioral research with the latest big data science tools to identify the causes of school violence. We do it the right way. We translate biological, criminal, social, cultural, psychological, gender, and behavioral data into new and actionable insights so that parents, therapists and educators can better understand the complex world of school violence and reduce its 800,000 annual instances.

There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children.
— Nelson Mandela

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We are the only national initiative that uses data to better understand why our children become violent.

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