How To Help

You can help reduce school violence in two ways: donate to help us build a free app—The Lantern—that parents and schools can use to tie a child’s behaviors to certain types of violence and to access an intervention program to meet their emotional needs and you can volunteer or you can do both.


Fact: school violence in on the increase. Nearly 100% of current school violence programs fund school police, locks, and metal detectors. 27 billion dollars is spent on preparing for a shoot out or responding to violence as it occurs. Next to nothing is being done to reduce violence before a child takes up a weapon.

Your donations will directly go to identifying children in need by paying data engineers and staff to create a free web/mobile app--The Lantern. Imagine thousands of times a day parents and school staff using the Lantern to help a child in need and be automatically connected together with that concern. Donate and you can say you helped build and deliver a real solution to school violence here in America and elsewhere globally.

We are an entirely volunteer organization needing to become a full time non-profit.

Donate To Reduce School

You Can Help with Crowdfunding Campaigns

As we launch our campaign you can help the marketing team by

• asking your friends to get involved (by using available share tools we can teach you to use)

• using your social media sites to tell everyone about the campaign

• writing blog articles or spreading the word to others in your community. 

If you want to become a crowdfunding support team member please fill out the contact form.

Other Ways of Volunteering

Our volunteers are as active as their time allows, helping in their own way to  make America's schools safer. We ask you to join what should be every American's priority. 

Our volunteers come from all careers and walks of life: students, parents, educators, data scientists, researchers, non-profit volunteers, social service professionals and artists.

If you already have or want experience in these following areas, please contact us using the form below. 

•  researchers, 

•  teachers and educational professionals

•  social media marketing specialists

• mental health professionals 

• database specialists 

• social activists

• administrative staff 

• fundraisers / grant writers 

• public relations professionals 

• documentary film makers

• web specialists 

• community organizers

• project managers and

• interns interested in adding to their work experience

We also want to partner with groups or organizations involved with adolescent and school violence, as well as serving as a clearing house for networking opportunities for schools, research projects, government agencies and companies focused on meeting civic responsibility needs. Individuals and organizations are encourage to contact us. 


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