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There’s Two ways you can help Reduce School Violence

You can help reduce school violence by donating funds that we can use to pay our data volunteers or if you are a data scientist with skills in Python, Machine Learning and Machine Learning we could really use your help.


Fact: school violence in on the increase. Nearly 100% of current school violence programs fund school police, locks, and metal detectors. 27 billion dollars is spent on preparing for a shoot out or responding to violence as it occurs. Next to nothing is being done to reduce violence before a child takes up a weapon.

Imagine thousands of times a day parents and school staff using the free app to help a child in need and be automatically connected together to deal with their concerns. Donate and you can say you helped build and deliver a real solution to school violence here in America and elsewhere globally.

We are an entirely volunteer organization needing to become a full time non-profit.