Your Support Is Vital  Because School Violence Is an Epidemc

How Your Support Helps Us Build The Lantern.

The Lantern is our web app that helps teachers. school administrators, mental health professionals, and school authorities relate their observations about a specific student to his or her chances of being violent. Here's more about The Lantern.


Our Crowdfunding Overview obtains most of its operational funding from crowdfunding campaign, grants, and donors. We will update our support community here during our our campaigns.

Our clever marketing volunteers make crowdfunding very attractive with some very cool perks that should please every NSV  community member. Here's a perk sample: original paintings, being an executive producer for documentary films, raffles for American and European vacations, participating in TedX sessions, deep Disney discounts, free wine and membership in our global virtual wine tasting events, duffel bags, aluminum water bottles, lite jackets, bumperstickers, tote bags, t-shirts, sweatshirts, baseball caps, knit beanie, mugs, or wristbands. 

How You Can Help Our Crowdfunding Campaigns

You can help us with our crowdfunding campaigns by

• asking your friends to get involved (by using available share tools we can teach you to use)

• using your social media sites to tell everyone about the campaign

• writing blog articles or spreading the word to others in your community.