The Free Lantern App

The Lantern is being developed as a free app. It helps anyone concerned about a child’s behaviors what their behaviors mean, especially how they signal what type of violence they might trigger if the emotional needs of that child are not met.

How It Works

All of us use Bing, Google, and Yahoo to get information off the Internet. But what can parents, teachers, schools, mental health professionals and researchers use to get information about what their child’s or student’s behaviors mean and what are the best intervention programs for helping that child? They can use the Lantern.

The Lantern is really six tools:

1) a free search engine that allows users to type in or speak behaviors they see in a child to discover how those behaviors correlate with certain types of likely violence;

2) a dictionary of behavioral terms and definitions users access to identify a child’s behaviors;

3) an archive  of effective violence intervention programs specific to the types of violence revealed in each search;

4) an automatic network function linking any user's search with a pre-created community of supporters so that parents, teachers, school staff and mental health professionals can automatically be contacted whenever a search is made;

5) access to our Research Institute where the latest research in adolescent violence is translated into actual applications; and

6} listings of school site and parent community workshops on the value and use of the Lantern Platform.

Developing the Lantern requires funding to attract a full time rather than volunteer staff of researchers, data architects and engineers, and an administrative unit that manages our funding efforts, alliance partnerships, public relations and organizational development.  Whatever you donate helps every child needing emotional help.