Creating Insights . Making Schools Safer


We are a crowdfunding driven nonprofit. Our next events in May 2017 seeks $200 000 to hire part time

                               --database architects and administrators

                               –-social science researchers

                               -- administrative and marketing interns and

                               --and office space

We want to use the best research and best database technologies to reduce school violence before it happens. We need supporters to contribute. Every dollar helps creates information that protect our kids. The word "contribute" means you're involved,  an active player in achieving all our goals. You are investing in the future of our children. Contributing  means helping researchers and database specialists further develop our Lantern® web app, a tool anyone can use to explore how school violence takes  anformd to learn more about its patterns, trends, and behaviors. 

We are actively seeking financial donations from individuals as well as corporate sponsors.  Wewant to use the best research and databasetechnologies toreduce school violence before it happens. Every dollar helps creates information that protect our children.

Financial contributions will go towards completing critical work on the Lantern database tool. Donations help hire data specialists and research consultants so that the current size of our database can be increased from a thousand data records to over half a million. More data means more accuracy in identifying the kinds of behaviors that lead to school violence.

We have also begun a new non-profit called Digital Book Guild to help our efforts as well as support other charities.