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Our Work: Creating the Lantern®

The U.S. currently has no school violence database that focuses on prevention or providing early intervention programs to reduce school violence. There are millions of school violence datasets that have never been combined and analyzed in trace connections between a student's behavioral patterns with what types of violence he or she could perpetrate.

NoSchoolViolence.org volunteers have created the first version of the Lantern®, a national school safety database tool to help better predict and reduce school violence.  The Lantern® establishes connections between a student's behavior and eleven types of school violence.  The Lantern will be available for free to parents, school staff, teachers, mental health professionals, community leaders, students, and researchers.  It will allow them to discover and better understand the pattern, trends, and behaviors triggering school violence.  We are making new discoveries about student behaviors and violence by integrating previously disconnected school violence data to illuminate causes, trends, andbehaviors associatedwithschool violence. For the first time, the mysteries of school violence are becoming visible, providing those concerned with a student's behavior the means of making connections that alert them to impending violence. With this knowledge, we will work with schools to create, conduct and share national “Violence Prevention Workshops.”

The Lantern® Link

The Lantern® is in its early stages of development, and needs additional volunteers, donors, and sponsors to continue our work. Donating to the Lantern® supports the development of a free and public school safety resource for America's schools. To explore our proof of concept beta version of the Lsntern® please go to: http://nssd.herokuapp.com.

The Lantern® uses Python and Elasticsearch®, a Lucene-based, multitenant-capable, full-text search engine with a web interface and schema-free JSON documents. This tech talk means that millions of school violence documents from various sources can be searched in milliseconds and the results can be seen and analyzed with a variety of query approaches.

Please do contact us if you have any questions, ideas, contributions or volunteer interests.  Our kids need all the help and support you can offer.