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You can support NoSchoolViolence.org by becoming an SOS supporter: please

donate to help us develop  Lantern and National School Safety Database

donate to help us create an administrative services office reponsible for volunteer development, school alliances, fund raising, marketing, public relations and behavorial science research and

get involved as a teacher, student, parent, researcher, social media specialist, school administrator, data scientist, office staff, community organizer and intern.


The SOS Program creates a donor community of parents, educators, health professionals, and concerned citizens committed to enhancing school security. SOS members want to be engaged in school security. They know that school budgets generally do not fund proactive violence reduction efforts. That's why our community supports the development, use, and continual updating of our National School Security Database. Their investment creates something parents, educators, school administrators, researchers, mental health professionals, students and caring community members have on their computers, tablets or phones, an app that provides insights that help reduce school violence.

Membership in Secure Our Schools (SOS) Donors receive:

• The SOS Newsletter, a monthly online resource of researched-based information that provides information about the social, medical, health, dietary, educational and psychological well being of school-aged children. The SOS Newsletter provides positive tips about making sound decisions about child care. Our staff reviews the latest research to clarify the often conflicting and superficial information presented by the popular media. The work of top researchers, as well as other physicians and scientists, translates their leading-edge research into practical parenting ideas;

• free access to  bi-monthly webinars addressing a far range of child care topics and school security issues;

• a free videoconferencing account for donors who live within shared school boundaries and meet occasionally to discuss school security issues with other parents, teachers, and school official; and

• discounts at familiar stores carrying school materials and clothes.

Our children deserve to be free from fear and intimidation.  As parents can we ask our children to get good grades if they are living in fear?

If you love children then join us. If you feel powerless about their safety, join us. It's time their security is something we can provide.

The next time you buy pens or paper or backpack for your ren, ask yourself if you've made any effort to make their school safer? We need your help and involvement. Safety is a community effort



More Insights. Safer Schools

NoSchoolViolence.org (NSV) is a non-profit committed to reducing school violence. NSV is developing a web-app called The Lantern® that helps parents, the school community, students, mental health providers, and researchers understand how certain observed student behaviors statistically correlate to such school violence as bullying, fighting, sexual harassment, vandalism, gang activities, stealing and weapons use. The Lantern® provides relative risk levels of violence given submitted behavior string queries. The app also helps school structure intervention programs that can reduce school violence events before they occur.

With better insights gained from using The Lantern,® schools can better target specific intervention programs. NSV helps develop these programs and works with schools to make them part of their proactive response to school violence. NSV is committed to reducing school violence events before they occur.

NoSchoolViolence.org is a 501 (c) 3 recognized and supported by Elastic, Microsoft, AIG, GalaticExchange, Seattle Data for Good, and Good Done Great.

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